New Clients

Once you have called the center and made your appointment please print each of the following forms and have them completed when you arrive on the day of your appointment.  If the forms are not completed please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to complete them.

1. Personal Information Form

2. Financial Form Updated 2017

3. Counseling and Fee Policy

4. Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement Form

5. Notice of SCC Privacy Policies

6. Consent for Physician Consultation

7. Informed Consent Statement

8. Counselors Acknowledgement Form

If Client is under the age of 18 a child intake form below will need to be filled out.


Counselors Declaration of Practices and Procedures

Ross Githens-  DECLARATION OF P & P – RG

Nonie Caruthers- DECLARATION OF P & P – NC

Wavely Cunningham- DECLARATION OF P & P – WC