The Samaritan Counseling Center (SCC) was founded in 1983 when a local group of religious, spiritual and counseling professionals recognized the need for a counseling center where the staff could draw on their clinical tools of psychology and psychiatry and simultaneously integrate ministerial skills in a faith-based setting. They used the model of the Samaritan Institute of Denver which focuses on mind, body and spirit, an holistic approach. Since its inception, the Center has devoted itself to professional faith-based counseling for people of all economic, religious, ethic/racial, and age groups as well as provided education and consultation for the community at large. The staff believes in the utilization of psychological, spiritual, and physical principles in counseling individuals in need of help and support in making their way through the challenges and hardship’s that are often encountered as we go through our lives. We provide services on a sliding-fee scale, accept insurance, and support from individuals, businesses, foundations and congregations. We hold annual fundraising events to help cover the cost of operating the Center.


President: Charles Beard

Secretary: Suda Beard

Treasurer: Brandon Horton

Ed Blewer

Klay Harrison

Adam Hollenshead

Kathleen Johnson

Benjamin Lee

Judy Lenert

Mary Pat Morgan

Julie Noles

Jessica Russo

Rev. Mimi McDowell, Ex-Officio


The Samaritan Counseling Center is accredited by the Samaritan Institute. The Center is part of the international network of Samaritan Centers serving in more than 400 offices in 35 states and Japan. Each center is owned and operated by it’s own local Board of Directors as a not-for-profit organization. The work of Samaritan Counseling Centers has been acknowledged by the American Medical Association, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the President’s Commission on Mental Health, and major religious denominations.

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